Our Story

Out of Necessity Comes Invention!

Over 5 years ago our founder Cherie Baber, got frustrated when she would go out dancing.  Tired of sticking her phone in her boot and it resting on her ankle and not having anywhere to put her money, not to mention trusting someone to hold it for her, the boot pocket was born!

Since then we have done multiple test studies from Oklahoma to California!   Multiple improvements were made and manufacturing began in September.  We now have a 5000 sq. ft. warehouse and all our pockets are hand-made in the USA!

Our Boot Pockets are great for carrying your personal items when a purse is cumbersome or just impractical.  Our Boot Pockets are now being worn by women and men all over the US, Europe, and Canada!

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Cherie Baber - President

Founder and inventor of the Boot Pocket, Cherie comes from and IT and Engineering background.  Her expertise in creating the concepts, and designs ensures the continued quality and perfection that goes into every Boot Pocket we make.

Holly Dorland - Vice President

Holly Dorland joined Cherie as co-owner of the company in 2017.  Her expertise in manufacturing and marketing help take the  Boot Pockets to the next level.  Manufacturing processes and marketing avenues were created and the word is spreading fast!