Why The Boot Pocket

Love to dance?

Our pockets are amazing for carrying just what you need when your dancing and always keeping it on you!  Most people can fit cellphones, credit cards, ID, money and a small lipstick right in your Boot Pocket. 

How about a Rodeo?

A Lot of rodeos are not allowing you to carry purses in unless they are clear ..... uck!  Some even confiscate your purse and give you a ticket....really?  Now you can carry everything you need right in your Boot Pocket.

Purse on the floor at concerts?

Not a chance!  That gross floor has seen more gum, drinks, bottoms of shoes with who knows what.  Then you put your purse down and plop it on your counter at home.  We are just saying, Boot Pockets are a great way to keep from spreading nasty stuff around :)

Are you an avid horseperson?

Riders love our Boot Pockets! If you leave it in your saddle bag and the horse runs away, you are stuck with no phone, money, and anything else you may need to get back.

Love skirts and shorts with boots?

Our Boot Pockets come in over 70 designs to express your personality.  Our pockets come with simple designs that fit well under jeans or express your style with beautiful peices from crosses to crystals, dangelly peices, and more!  

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Busy parent with only two hands?

So many women and men are juggling all their stuff, their kids, tickets, etc.  The Boot Pocket allows you to keep your cell phone close without having to carry yet another bag!